Western Dresses or Indian Ethnic Wear? What’s your take this Winter?

As the winter season knocks on the doors, stock your wardrobe up with a mix of both western and Indian ethnic wears. From the latest suit trends to the asymmetrical jackets, get stylish this season. You do not need to wear just one style. With the trend of fusion in almost everything today, create a new style dress with the fusion of both western and Indian. Hence, do not hold yourself back from experimenting due to the chilly winter breeze and wrap yourself up with a jacket to stay warm.

There are a lot of trendy clothes in the market that can help people in creating a nice style for winter fashion. All you need to do is be daring enough to develop the best style out of what you have got. This would help you stand out of the crowd as you create a wise look that would make you look both cool and stylish.

But before you select the clothes, it is vital to identify the strongest body feature in you. After that, you can highlight this feature with the right attire. Another great tip is to conceal the areas of your body that has a problem with smart layering.

With new styles & accessories – there are many options for you to glam yourself up this winter. Moreover, if you ask me, combining the ethnic flair to your fashion is a perfect and simple game. You just need some quick styling hacks that need to be kept in mind and then you are all ready to prepare the best style.

Western Dresses or Indian Ethnic Wear? What's Your Take This Winter?

So, this winter, don’t push away the ethnic wears. Experiment with these to develop the latest dress style that everyone would eventually want to follow. Try out new things or use the tips shared below to bring out the fashion designer in you.

#1 Team your Denim with Banarasi Coats:

Not sure if you should go all casual or all ethnic? How about mixing the both just like the fashion designer Shereen does? Create a Rugged Banarasi Fusion outfit by combining a pair of ripped denim with a Banarasi Overcoat.

Until now, everyone thought of sarees when the Banarasi silk fabric came to mind. Not sure where to get the overcoat? Check out https://fabriclore.com/collections/silks to get the material and have it prepared.

Team your Denim with Banarasi Coats

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#2 Pair your denim jackets with Gowns:

Almost everyone has one leather jacket in their closet. Other than styling it with denim, jumpsuits or skirts, have you tried anything else? Well, if not, try pairing it with a wedding gown or a festive gown. Check out the look shared in the picture to get an idea from it.

Pair your denim jackets with Gowns

Source: Google Images

#3 Use Silver Metal Slings and Accessories:

You know those ethnic accessories you find at the traditional shops? Well, these metal accessories are a perfect addition to your traditional style.

The metal accessories do not just end with bags, you can also pick up metal earrings, long neck-pieces, and even chokers to team them up with your look. It would help you to achieve a standout look in no time.

Use Silver Metal Slings and Accessories

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#4 Add ethnic trench capes, jackets, and coats:

Have you ever bared the cold chills on your body during a wedding due to the ethnic wear you had on? Moreover, as soon as you are not able to bare the cold anymore, you would have worn a knitted sweater over the embellished suit or saree, spoiling the entire look.

Feel the warmth with a Brocade Overcoat, Raw Silk Cape, Gamthi Jacket, or a Banarasi Trench Coat this season. Get the fabric from https://fabriclore.com and prepare your own ethnic style.

Add ethnic trench capes, jackets, and coats

Source: Google Images

#5 Layer Up your Outfits:

Yes, this is an obvious tip. And yes, it can be done with the latest suit trends. Layering does not mean putting on so many sweaters like our moms would make us wear when we were kids. Using your collection, you can layer up to create a style that would be a trendsetter this season.

In short, you can layer the kurtis, jumpsuits, or maxi dresses with suede or denim jackets. Additionally, wear an Ikat Stole, a Kalamkari, or some boho accessories that would help in completing the overall look.

Layer Up your Outfits

Source: Google Images

#6 Accessorize your jackets and sweaters:

In case you are a person who just likes to accessorize when wearing the ethnic, you need to up your game when it comes to accessorizing with sweaters as well. Leave your woolen scarves this winter and try out knitted sweaters and denim jacket. Make yourself look more stylish with some boho jewelry.

Another style is to add a pair of tassel earrings with your favorite jacket, shrug, or sweater. You can also pick from a set of earrings or a silver neckpiece!

Accessorize your jackets and sweaters

Source: Google Images

With these ideas for the fusion, you would be able to create the perfect style statement this season. Use your wardrobe to create the best designs so that you do not have to compromise your style this winter due to the cold. To add new pieces, you can purchase the fabrics from https://fabriclore.com and have your own styled ethnic stoles, ponchos, scarves, jackets, and coats.

Do not restrict yourself to just creating trendy clothes with the fabrics; you can also have ethnic earrings and chokers prepared with the fabrics. So, hit the online shop at https://fabriclore.com/ for all the pieces you need to create the styles as shown above. Start stocking up for your new style!


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