How to Carry your Weekday Dresses to the Weekend?

No, you do not need to purchase a whole new wardrobe of the weekday dresses to carry them for weekends. And dressing up for the weekend doesn’t mean that you need to wear the worn-out pink sweatpants.

It is normal that after wearing formal clothes for five days, you want something comfortable to go on the weekends.

So, how to dress up for a party and be comfortable in it? Or what to wear for the outing you have planned with your friends on the weekends?

Layer your weekday dresses to create a new style dress for your weekends.

In short, the normal weekday dresses or office staples like pencil skirts, button-downs, and blazers work well on the weekend styles as well. Dress up by adding a little-unexpected sex appeal to the most conservative work style with some styling tweaks.

Below shared are some fashion ideas that can be prepared with your weekday wardrobe:

How To Carry Your Weekday Dresses To The Weekend?

Style #1

Add up a short jumpsuit along with a feminine blazer and flat loafers. You can also layer a sexy short-shorts and a loose, light-colored blouse with the loafers and the feminine blazer. The look would be perfect for your date out, or even for a party with your friends. Trending in India amongst the youth, this is a great style to carry forward from your weekend dress for the weekend.


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Style #2

Want to create a sexy look out of your slim-fitting business suit for your night out on the weekend? Well, exchange your collared shirt with a sexy crop top under the suit. This would give you a perfect and super-sexy going-out look.


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Style #3

Added to the style above, you can also use a suit to create another simple yet trending style. The other fashion trend is a simple slouchy cotton t-shirt under the suit. Creating this style from your weekend dress is the most simple yet elegant style for any date night.

If you do not want to wear trousers, you can wear a pencil skirt instead as a part of the style. Try this style out on the next weekend event you would be attending.


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Style #4

One of the latest fashion for girls is a sharply structured blazer. And in this winter season, it would work perfectly for the weekend-casual style. Spice up the look with a soft t-shirt and flowy skirt. This look can work for club parties as well, especially for those who do not like wearing a lot of sparkly clothes.


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Style #5

Another one of trending dresses is the straightforward button-up-pencil-skirt that is added with a simple collared shirt and pumps. This style can also be accompanied by a headwear like a colored scarf, a baseball cap or even a girl turban.

As a matter of fact, this combo would work best for a classy event on the weekend. Don’t forget to add a sexy pair for sunglasses and layered bracelets that would add some fun to your personality and style.


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Style #6

You can also team up palazzos with a simple shirt and a tweed jacket instead of a kurta. This another fashion made out from the weekend dress is one of the most simple yet classy styles to follow. So, using this Indian fashion you can rock your get together at the weekend.


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Style #7

Want to wear a one-piece for your upcoming party? Well, add a simple black blazer with a sexy sheer dress. This look can go with both stilettos or even combat boots, depending on which is more comfortable and suitable for the event you are attending.


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Style #8

Is it cold outside? Do you want to create a style that will keep you warm and look sexy at the same time? Well, leather pants will definitely look good, if you have one.

Wear it with a sweatshirt along with a blazer. Or you can wear a simple t-shirt along with the blazer. It will look perfect for a get-together or outing. This is a simple way to carry your weekday dresses for the weekend.


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Style #9

Another latest trends in women’s fashion is a simple-chic style that is easy to make using weekday dresses. You just need a denim jacket and a cotton t-shirt.

Combine this look with a lace pencil skirt along with pointy-toed shoes. In short, if you are not sure what to wear this weekend, use this style. It would not only make you look chic; it might also get you a date.


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Style #10

Have a ripped and cuffed jeans in your wardrobe? Well, create a sexy look with it by wearing a simple and long-sleeved cotton t-shirt with it. This conservative white Oxford look is the perfect and sexy look you need when going out with your friends on the weekend.


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So, which style did you like the best from those mentioned above? Or did you get ideas for creating your own style by layering the weekday wear? Share your ideas below & so that everyone can get an idea on how to dress up for a party!


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