Bridal Nose Rings Trends for this Wedding Season

The “Solah Shringar” or 16 adornments for women has special mentions of nose ring as a quintessential part of dressing up for Indian women. It emphasizes the importance of ornament’s aesthetic, spiritual, and traditional values. In addition, nose rings are scientifically significant and have deep-rooted meanings.

Bridal Nose Rings Trends for this Wedding Season

What is the Significance of Nose Rings?

Though, the time has changed and so has the values attached to this particular piece of jewelry. Over a period of time, it has become fashionable jewelry that is worn by both men and women of all ages and you can easily get nose rings online.

Not only in India, but nose rings have also been an integral part of several cultures all around the world. While some cultures use it as a symbol of social status and wealth, in other cultures people wear it for its health benefits. The Vedic scriptures of India have written about several health benefits of nose rings and have recommended nose piercing for married women.

As per the 6000 years old scriptures, it is an important component of bridal adornments. In honor of Hindu Goddess Parvathi, the brides wear this ornament on their wedding day. In addition, many cultures believe wearing a nose ring enhances sexual life and improves emotional stability.

Furthermore, Ayurveda recommends piercing the nose on a particular node of the left nostril can lower down the menstrual pain and cramps in women. Also, it improves reproductive health and lowers down the pain during childbirth. 

As a fashion statement, this particular jewelry enhances the facial features and boost the natural beauty of the woman wearing it. Traditional nose rings have undergone major fashion trends that have influenced modern-day designs. There is a plethora of variety to choose from. A few of them are perfect for wedding wear nose rings. Here is a list of the most scintillating bridal nose rings:


1. Dainty Studs:

Dainty Studs
Source – Tanishq
These are the most basic types of nose rings that girls of all ages like to adorn even in their daily lives. Silver and diamond studs in various shapes are particularly popular among the younger generation. As for bridal wear, a little elaborate and fancy designs make for a beautiful accompaniment to the bridal ensemble. Delicate in its design, bridal studs are the collection of small stones, diamonds or crystals. They are perfect for almost all face types. These nose studs are all about understated elegance. 

2. Maharashtrian Naths:

Maharashtrian Naths
Source – Amazon
The name says it all. Inspired by Maharashtrian jewelry, these naths are all-time favorites. A typical Maharashtrian nath comes in gold. However, with ever-changing trends, this piece of traditional jewelry has undergone a few changes and has now evolved into a fashion accessory. Actress’ like Sonam Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra have spotted this charming piece of jewelry in their movies and fashion ramps.

3. Bridal Nath with Kundan Studs:

Bridal Nath with Kundan Studs
Source – IndiaMart
This type of nath is mostly popular among North Indian brides. The nath is a hoop that varies in size from small to oversized and it is studded with fine quality Kundan and crystals and the chain is embellished with small pearls. It is a gorgeous piece of jewelry that makes the bride look like an ethereal princess and elevates her natural beauty.

4. Floral Nose rings With Pearl Latkan:

Floral Nose rings With Pearl Latkan
Source – Amazon
Floral patterns are a significant part of women’s fashion & her eternal favorite. It has the ability to add a touch of chic and youthful charm. These floral design nose rings are encrusted with colorful stones and pearl drop that adds extra oomph. You can change the color of the pearl drop to match the color of your lehenga or attire. It looks amazing on women with an oblong face and sharp nose. 

5. Oversized Ornamental Hoops:

Oversized Ornamental Hoops
Source – Amazon
Hoops are a common form of bridal wear. However, these oversized ornamental hoops are the newest in trend for women with a flamboyant taste of fashion. These hoops come in a variety of styles and the beaded style is the most common ones. Kundan, pearls diamonds and rubies are other enamoring designs that look perfect on a bride with classy taste. These are heavily embellished nose rings that allow the bride to create a statement of her own. 

6. Simple Chained Nathanis:

Simple Chained Nathanis
Source – Amazon
These are the most basic form of naths that usually have gold plating. Delicately designed, these nose rings look perfect for women with an understated sense of fashion. You can use it with a metallic chain to put this jewelry in place by hooking it up in hair for support. These nathanis come with kundan and polki stones decorating the hoop. 

7. Traditional Gold Naths:

Traditional Gold Nath
Source – Tanishq
These nose rings are inspired by the traditional jewelry that is made of nothing but gold. In older days, gold was considered the symbol of social status and wealth. Therefore, wealthy people invested in gold jewelry and would wear it on auspicious occasions. These are mid-sized gold nose rings with a chain to clip in hair. These nose rings are for someone with a classy yet traditional taste of fashion.

8. Designer Stone Studded Nathanis:

Designer Stone Studded Nathanis
Source – The Handmade Crafts
Designer nose rings are everything that a modern Indian bride loves. It is for someone with bold and edgy taste and who wants to create a statement with her unique ensemble. This piece is usually adorned with an array of colorful gemstones, precious stones, crystals, and intricate motifs. Every piece is about sartorial splendor crafter with scrupulous craftsmanship. The bride who doesn’t shy away from flaunting her fashion-forward sense of style would love to wear this piece with panache. 

9. Multilayered Chain Naths:

Multilayered Chain Naths
Source – Tanishq
These nose rings add a contemporary touch to the bridal ensemble. Inspired by the queens of India, this nathani comes with not one but multiple studded chains. These are heavily ornamented nose rings that are worn by the brides on her wedding day. 

These are a few styles of bridal nose rings that are hot on trends and will make for a perfect adornment on your big day. The list will enlighten you with the latest styles and help you pick the perfect one for your D-day. No bridal look is complete without a nath, therefore, get to work and start looking for that perfect piece that will make you dazzle like a star.

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