10 Tips to Style your Formals for Regular Office Days!

Even if you do not like it, your look matters a lot both in life as well as in the workplace. It helps you move towards success in your career and work. A career expert in LinkedIn once shared that the appearance of a person translates to the performance of the person.

It does not matter if your boss likes your work. If they are not thinking any less of you right now, they might eventually think it. Hence, it is vital to indulge yourself in the workplace fashion today and ensure that you look your best even in the winters.

The world moves on a simple logic – if you do not fit in the crowd, you are not welcomed there again. Being an outsider or the one ‘everyone ignores’ will not only hurt you emotionally but also hurt your success & the chances of promotion.

Moreover, it can be tricky to choose which outfit is the best among the latest trends. And with casual becoming the trend now, it can confuse you a lot in understanding the rules for wearing outfits at your workplace.

Tips To Style Your Formals For Regular Office Days!

So that you know what to wear & what not to, here are the 10 rules about dressing right in your office:

Don’t Play the Part:

What you wear, should reflect who you are. The best thing you can do is to dress smart and don’t tell anyone what you do to keep the curiosity alive among them. Unless you are a person who wears a uniform to work, always remember that your clothes speak for itself and depicts what you do. Like a soldier’s uniform says all about the soldier.

Moreover, if you are a senior in the company, you are expected to dress correctly. Undoubtedly, if you are an entry worker and you dress better than your boss, you are soon going to replace them.

Here are some cool casuals you can wear in the office: Smart Casuals

Duck Cloning:

It is important to take care that the patterns, prints, styles, and colors you choose to wear in the men’s fashion, shouldn’t be the same as your juniors and colleagues.

Pick up one of the new fashion trends in India and create a great look that would perfectly suit your workplace and nature. Moreover, it is advised never to typecast your look. Mix and match your shirts with ties.

Check out some amazing & new outfits here: https://www.myntra.com/men-shirts

Don’t Wear any Logo or Office Decor Color:

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you should be loyal to your company. A few people tend to wear clothes that have another company’s logo on it. While others dress worse, wearing the same color as that of the office furniture or the company’s brand color.

You need to learn what not to wear in the office includes anything that blends in. Choose the trending Indian fashion that will make you stand out. Also, avoid colors like gold silver, or anything glittery.

Make sure that you never try these styles for work!

Quality Over Quantity:

It is important to wear clothes that fit right, are well-made and look good. In case you wear something that is small or oversized, it would look very shabby. Ensure that what you buy looks the same even after a month. And don’t forget to iron the clothes you are about to wear for the office on that day.

No Style Statements:

You need to understand that the work clothes you wear need to look great. Your clothes should be crisp, smart and sharp. Avoid experimenting with your office wear.

Rather than experimenting you can pick up a new trend and follow that instead. Avoid any cheap printed shirts that have cliche quotes or words. Ensure that what you are wearing should not say you are going to a fancy dress competition.

Stick to the Uniform:

If your office asks you to wear a uniform for the work, respect it. As a matter of fact, you should not make any tweaks to the look. The only way to be the right person and stand out of the crowd is to keep your uniform well maintained and looking crisp at all the times.

Moreover, avoid any accessories that are not matching your dress. Dressing smartly for the office would give you an edge over the other employees in the company. Always remember that wearing a uniform is not about you, it is about the image of your company and its brand.

Be Traditional, but Don’t Overdo It:

It’s a great thing to wear your traditional clothes in the office, especially when you choose the latest fashion trends in India. However, it should not be your identity or become your official identity. Unless and until your occupation is displayed better with traditional clothes, it shouldn’t be everyday wear.

The best outfit for an office job is the universal look. In case you want to be known by your intelligence and work, dress in clothes that are accepted globally as the formal wear. You can pick the casual office wear for men that are acceptable at the workspace. In short, let people judge you for what you do and not by your cultural background.

Wearing Casuals:

Well, if you call casual wearing a pajama, then you cannot wear this to your office. But on the other hand, if jeans are allowed in your office, then yes, this casual piece of fashion today is what you can wear to your office.

Other than this, you should not wear comfortable clothes that you wear at your home. These too cannot be worn to the office, even if it is just a simple shirt. Ensure what you wear should be presentable.

Hair & Grooming:

Even though this is not something that matters much since no one dresses like a joker or as if it is Halloween, it is advised not to overdo the hairstyle or put a lot of makeup when going to the office.

Groom your skin to give it a healthy and young look. Keep your nails chipped well and neat. Remove all the extra hair that make you look untidy. Looking neat and tidy is what makes you look the best in your office.

Simple habits that prove you’re a well-groomed man!

Change for Work:

If you are coming from somewhere to work, and haven’t changed into the work clothes, it is advised to do so. Just ensure that what you are wearing is appropriate. If not, take the pair of clothes so that you can change before you enter the office or in the office.

Not changing the clothes that you wore for another event and wearing the same for the office would not give a good impression to the seniors about you.

Now you know what not to wear and what to for the office, ensure that you get the appropriate trendy clothes for your office. Wearing the right clothes that depicts what you do and gives you a way to help you become successful faster as well. Have any other men’s fashion tips for office wear? Share them in the comments section below!


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